At my short time recently working at Isobar, I worked the UX on a small project for LEGO Duplo.

Coming from a LEGO obsessed household this, as you can imagine, caused quite some excitement. (My old bedroom is now my mum’s lego playground). When finding out later that it was LEGO in collaboration with Disney my inner child did a small somersault. As much as there is a lot Disney does and stands for that the older me perhaps doesn’t quite agree with, there’s no denying that Simba, Genie and Dorie were an integral part of my childhood years.

blog-lego-small-2 blog-lego-small

The project was a simple one, certainly not the most challenging I have ever worked on but the outcome so sweet I had to include it here somewhere. An online campaign aimed at (mothers of) children aged 1-5, children were asked to imagine up a story and script for their own mini-movie starring their favourite LEGO Duplo characters. The winners would then, wait for it… be rewarded with their very own lego movie, animated by Disney themselves! 4 year old Liz would have been over the moon. The winning films will be taking part in the ‘Tiny Film Festival’ later in the year, where the children can attend the screenings on their very own LEGO brick, red carpet.




Mums get involved, Facebook campaign can be found here.